Long Hei is a designer, but never draws.  He presents framing experiences in the focus fields of humanity, ritual, & social change; raise awareness for important non-political social topics.


Every chosen name has a story to tell. Long Hei named himself Pallas when turned 21, right after his screenplay nomination at the Festival de Cannes.  Pallas is a name derived from the Greek mythology; is one who turns into an aegis, shielding his troops in battles to victory.  Although mythological, the representation is literal - to protect and to guide anyone and anything as their strongest shield from needs.


Pallas posits media is the gateway to the society heart - with practice in creative and design direction, meaningful and heartwarming designs both touch the heart and raise public awareness with innovative mediums, build greater trust and,  love among people and communities.

Red Dot Design Award: Brands & Communication

Best of the Best 2019


MUSE Creative Awards, Outdoor Advertising

Gold winner 2018


Festival de Cannes, Short Film

Nominee, Screenplay 2017

Instagram: pallasxyz        LinkedIn: pallasxyz

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