The Hardest Colorblind Test

Hi, please look carefully. This is the hardest colourblind test on earthOver 92% of the public could not see the number. What about you?


If you did struggle, do not be worried it just means you are normal. This is actually a specially designed reversed colour-blind test that the number can only be revealed clearly by those who have a colour vision deficiency.


There are many disabilities, resulting in serious injuries and accidents. Colour vision deficiency, is one of them that has been neglected throughout history. According to the National Health Service, it occurs in every 1 out of 12 men in the world, mostly because of hereditary condition. 


Last year, we were signed a mission to raise the awareness of it. We wanted to create something different and memorable, which can assembles spectators to stop and experience the struggle from colour-blindness. 


Thereby, we have designed an optical illusion that is based on the Ishihara Colour Perception Test and, the colour plate was expertly and precisely inverted. In result, over 1 million pedestrians have visited the projection during the London Lumiere Light Festival, and the public awareness of colour-blindness has well increased.


So…what is the number?


Pallas (Long Hei) WONG


Creative Direction:

Pallas (Long Hei) WONG


Design Team:

Greyson (Ting Tung) LEUNG

Emilee (Yu Jin) LEE


Technical Direction:

Tassia Kobylinska, University of London

Sian Harris, British Film Institute

Chris Hunt, Thomson Software Solutions


Editorial Work:

Debra Helmer

Video URL:

Instagram: pallasxyz        LinkedIn: pallasxyz

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